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Welcome to Africa Standards and Certification (ASC)

Your Trusted Partner in Ensuring Quality and Safety

At ASC, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety. As an ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accredited body, we provide reliable product certification services across Africa.

Mystery Shopping Inspections

We have a network of inspectors who can execute mystery shopping inspections that are designed to provide you with detailed insights into food-specific inspections. Our network of trained inspectors can visit chosen outlets posing as regular customers, allowing us to assess the quality of products stocked by the business.

Special Focus: Spaza Shop Inspections

In our commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of products sold in local communities, we have a special focus on Spaza Shops. These small, informal convenience stores are an integral part of the local economy in many African communities.

Counterfeit Food Items: A Growing Concern

The sale of counterfeit food items is a growing concern in many communities. These products not only deceive consumers but can also pose serious health risks.

Our Role

At ASC, we have access to a network of inspectors who can conduct thorough inspections of Spaza Shops to identify and report counterfeit food items, as we are an accredited body with access to numerous laboratories, we can assess, test, and report on any non-conforming foods and outlets selling these unregulated, unsafe foods. Our goal is to ensure that every product sold in these shops is genuine and safe for consumption.

Join Us in Our Fight Against Counterfeit Products

We invite all involved parties to join us in our fight against counterfeit products. By ensuring the shops stock authentic and safe products, you not only protect your customers but also enhance the reputation organization.

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